Four cartoon elves by artist Annalise Batista

In the end, 2020 got to Santa, too. But we're elves. We've fixed it. It's what we do.

Let's face it. 2020 really, really is on the naughty list. It's tops the naughty list for naughty lists. And even that list is going to have to do a lot of work to stay off itself. Naughty lists are lot more complicated than you think. In retrospect, sourcing them from Krampus was probably a big mistake.


(Between you and us, where Santa messed up is the whole "charging people for visits" thing. He's a jolly elf, but not always the brightest bulb on the string. That's what Mrs. Claus handles, but we digress. Ahem.)

The thing is, Santa sees a lot of kids in Northern Kentucky and other places every year. He loves seeing them. He knows some of them still want to see him. So we're just going to make that happen by video visit.

Drop us an email at and let us know how to get in touch with you and where you've met Santa before. Someone -- maybe one of us, maybe Mrs. Claus, or maybe even Mr. "Oh look at me, I'm Jolly Kris Kringle" himself -- will get back in touch. We'll get the logistics figured out. As usual.

(Between you and us (again) he wasn't so jolly when we told him the e-commerce website wasn't happening. Poor Anton. That took a lot of candy canes to remedy. Another digression. We do that. Luckily Santa will never read this. Other than following magic corn futures for the reindeer, he's not much into the internet.)

Oh yeah, one thing us elves approved of was that some money was supposed to go to the Boone County Animal Shelter. It's not required or anything, but if there's an animal rescue organization you know about, make a donation and tell 'em Santa sent you.

(Better yet, tell them the elves sent you. We do the heavy lifting around here anyway. And we do mean heavy lifting. How do you think Old St. Figgy Pudding gets back up the chimney, hmmmm?)

Merry Christmas!